CPS #BETHELIGHT April 20th at 20:20

CPS #BETHELIGHT April 20th at 20:20 for 20 Minutes

The athletic fields at high schools around the country are usually full of kids by the time April rolls around. Spring sports have started back up and teams are eager to begin the final season of play before the school year comes to an end.

In 2020, however, those same fields are empty.

Claremore Public Schools will join the national #BeTheLight movement on Monday, April 20th at 20:20 military time (8:20 pm) Lantow Field, Legendary Legion Field, and the HS softball field will turn their light on for 20  minutes.  

We are going to hit the lights and make sure that people know that our school is still a connection to our community here in Claremore, OK. It is a common thread to binds together our students, athletes, coaches, teachers, administration, staff, and all those that love and care for them. 

The light is especially symbolic to the Class of 2020; a beacon of hope and honor for these seniors that have had so many of their lasts taken away.  

Shining these stadium lights is just a simple gesture, but it’s one to remind families that they are not in this alone, and there will be a day when these fields will once again be filled with students.  Please join us by turning on your porch lights to let those in your neighborhood knows there will be light!  

Even in this gesture of hope, we will continue to practice social distancing and reinforce the “safer at home” standards that have been in place by the state authorities. 

#CPSZEBRAPRIDE #StrongSchoolsStrongCommunityZEBRAStrong #CHSClassof2020