Projects were ultimately voted on by a recommendation from the superintendent to the Claremore Board of Education.

However, a strategic processes was implemented to create the list that was ultimately recommended to the Board of Education. The District worked with a committee of community representatives over the course of the 2018-19 school year to consider projects that address the identified school needs and funding opportunities related to the bond program.

STEP 1: Assessments were completed by administration at each school site, as well as, the transportation department, maintenance department & all other CPS facilities.

STEP 2: Four Community Bond Focus Group Meetings were held to gather input from entire community. The meetings were held in October '18, November '18, December '18, and January '19. The meetings were promoted through the district All Call system, email, Claremore Progress, social media sites, and school marquees.

A brief presentation kicked off the forum to provide some background and context, attendees were then broken up, randomly, into two groups. Each group was given time to voice their opinions, suggestions, goals and vision for CPS. Facilitators recorded all suggestions. At the subsequent meetings participants continued to have open group dialogue about projects were recommended and prioritized by those in attendance in the community focus groups.

STEP 3: After the focus groups approved a final list within the projected bond money total a survey was given to teachers and staff to add or delete projects and provide any additional input. This data was used to complete the final projects list which was then presented to the BOE by the superintendent.

STEP 4: Once the projects were approved by the BOE a resolution was created to establish the election on March the 5th for a vote of the people on Propositions 1 and 2 which allows bond proceeds for the projects.