The Claremore Public School Board of Education unanimously approved a bond resolution with two bond propositions for the March 5th ballot. Proposition I in the amount of $39,475.000.00 for building and Proposition II in the amount of $2,000,000.00 for transportation were based on a series of site and department assessments, community focus groups and a staff survey. By law, transportation has to be voted on a separate proposition. The bond will prioritize safety and security, provide modern educational experiences for all students (includes technology, flexible classrooms - focused on career-related learning program expansion); renovate and repair aging schools, and enhance existing infrastructure.


Prioritize Safety & Security: Making sure our school campuses are safe and secure for our students, staff, and families is a chief priority. Unfortunately, some of our schools lack important modern safety features such as emergency alert systems, security cameras, secured entrances and more.

The bond would add security cameras, enhance emergency communications, and upgrade security measures that help keep students, staff and school visitors safe on our campuses.

Provide a Modern Education for Every Student (Technology): Many CPS campuses are simply out-of-date and are not equipped to provide students with the modern best practices in education and technology they need in order to graduate career and college ready.

Our bond would update our schools to provide a modern educational environment, which would include technology, infrastructure, labs, and spaces for hands-on-learning. These modern spaces, student and teacher technology would expand access to up-to-date job training opportunities.

Renovate & Repair Aging Schools: Many school buildings are in need of significant repairs with aging and, in some cases, leaking roofs, and outdated HVAC, are in desperate need of replacement. In addition, the District has temporary portable classrooms. Many of these buildings and structures are over 30 years old.

The bond would repair and update these aging systems to increase efficiency and complete significant upgrades.

Transportation: Our maintenance staff has gone over and above extending the life of our route and activity busses. essentially, our fleet has outlasted its life on the road. Currently transporting smaller teams and organizations in busses is not as fiscally responsible.

Passage of the transportation bond will lead to strategically replacing the student route busses over the next 10 years to keep our transportation replacement on a constant rotation. Acquisition of activity busses to transport large teams while instillING pride in our school as we travel to other districts. Obtaining other smaller transport vehicles that do not require a CDL are fundamental to our smaller organizations.