What will the bus health precautions be?
Ensuring students remain physically distanced on school buses is a significant challenge. Students will enter the bus from the front but will fill seats from the back forward to attempt social distancing. We will encourage siblings to sit together. Temperatures will be taken, masks will be mandatory, and windows will be lowered to increase ventilation. Hand sanitizer will be available.

What if a student has a temperature when entering the bus?
The student will be placed at the front of the bus and delivered to school where the administration will be notified. The student will be taken to the designated precautionary room, and a nurse of administrator will retake their temperature. If the temperature is confirmed, the parent/guardian will be contacted.

Will my student be required to wear a mask on the bus?
Yes, since social distancing can not be maintained, ALL students riding the bus will be required to wear a mask when riding a bus or any school transportation.

Will the buses be cleaned daily?
Yes. Buses will be cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected with sprayers after AM and PM routes daily.

Are the buses air-conditioned?
Route buses do not have AC, but activity buses do. Windows will be cracked accordingly to increase ventilation. Please make sure students have dressed appropriately.

Riding the bus is a high-risk activity. We encourage families to transport their children to/from school if possible. 

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