Temperature Taking

Will students have temperatures be taken daily?
Yes, all students, staff, essential services providers will have their temperatures taken as they enter our school buildings each day. High school students will have their temperatures taken before they enter the first period. If they arrive at school after the first period, temperatures will be taken at the front desk.

Students who are riding the bus will have their temperatures taken as they board the bus.

What happens if a student shows a fever as they enter the building?
Any individuals determined to have a fever will go to the precautionary room, and a nurse or administrator will rescan and verify the temperature reading. At that time, the parent/guardian will be contacted.

If a fever is identified on the bus, the student will sit at the front of the bus, delivered to their school sit where they will go to the precautionary room. A nurse or administrator will rescan and verify the temperature reading, and their parent/guardian will be contacted.

Will students be regularly reminded about handwashing?
Yes, students and staff will be regularly reminded about the importance of proper handwashing. Teachers may allow for more breaks to allow students to wash their hands, either at a classroom sink or in a restroom.

What should I do if my child starts to exhibit flu-like symptoms?
Stay at home. If symptoms continue, we recommend you see a physician.

Social Distancing

How will you keep student social distancing in the classroom?
Schools were not designed for this purpose. When possible, teachers will alter their classroom set up to create as much social distancing space as possible. Teachers will utilize techniques such as flexible seating, facing desks in the same direction, limiting students in/at centers, and implementing line procedures.


Are there going to be hand sanitizers?
We will place no-touch hand sanitizer units in common areas and wall units throughout our buildings. Classroom dispensers will also be provided. Students and staff will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer regularly.

Hand sanitizer will be provided by the school and will adhere to the CDC guidelines and have a minimum of 60% alcohol.

Due to the shortage of wipes and hand sanitizer for school supply lists, what do you suggest?
We are asking families to supplement the school provided sanitization supplies. However, we understand that they are in short supply. All that to say - we’ll take what we can get.


Will students be required to wear masks and PPE?
We will follow the OSDH recommendations, and ALL students (PreK-12) and staff will be required to wear masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE) deemed appropriate while in school. This will include classrooms, hallways, common areas, etc.

We are committed to fostering a respectful environment in which there are no stigmas associated with wearing masks. We understand this is a new procedure for our students and will approach it like we do all new procedures by educating students about why and how to wear a mask as we implement this new procedure.

Will masks be required to be worn all day?
Teachers will coordinate masks breaks throughout the day for their classes as social distancing requirements can be observed for all grades. Students will also be allowed to remove masks during outside activities such as recess or PE. Students will not be required to wear a mask while eating lunch and social distancing can be maintained.

Who will provide the mask?
CPS will provide one (1) mask for each student. Masks will be available in children and adult sizes to ensure proper fit. However, students may wear other masks provided by their parents/guardians, as long as they meet the mask requirements and dress code.

What are the mask requirements?
Masks will consist of a cloth face covering that covers front the nose to below the chin and fit securely. Mask designs, logos, prints will be subject to the dress code requirements.

My child had a medical issue. Will they be required to wear a mask?
Students with documented medical issues will need to contact the building administrator. These will be handled on a case by case basis.

Who is responsible for washing the masks?
The mask will be sent home daily and will be the responsibility of the parent to wash and maintain the mask. The mask will need to be sent back to school every day.

Can students wear additional PPE, such as hats?
No, hats are not allowed to be worn in the buildings. Any additional PPE would need to be approved by an administrator.

Will masks be required during services such as speech therapy?
For any service for special education students that requires the student not to wear a mask, the following precautions will be in place. The teacher or related service provider will wear either a transparent mask, face shield, or cloth mask. In addition, tabletop acrylic screens (3 ft x 2 ft) have been provided to allow an additional barrier between the student and provider. In some cases, students will also be provided a clear face shield to use during sessions, if deemed appropriate.

The disability of some students with special needs may make wearing a face mask extremely difficult. In those instances, we are providing additional options to try, such as face shields of different types. If the student is still unable to have their faces covered, the IEP team will note this in the student's educational plan, and staff will take extra precautions when working with that student. Acrylic shields will be available for teachers in those situations as well.

Will students be allowed to use drinking fountains?
Although drinking fountains will continue to function in our schools, we will discourage students from using them. Instead, we recommend that all students bring water bottles to school to refill at a refilling station or water fountain. Students should not share water bottles with others.


How are you going to clean and disinfect the building?
Our custodial staff will significantly increase cleaning and sanitizing public spaces and high-touch surfaces throughout the school day. We will also provide greater access to cleaning materials for our teachers and staff to clean and sanitize spaces, as needed.

Each evening, our custodial team will conduct a thorough cleaning of our spaces, disinfecting high-touch surfaces like sinks, drinking fountains, door handles, tables, and desks.

Our cleaning services will use CDC approved sanitizing and disinfecting solutions. 

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