The Claremore Zebra Tennis teams are having a great seasons. No matter who they play, or where they play they have been winning, and winning a lot. Coach Larimer has been coaching at Claremore for many years, and the one thing his tennis teams bring to the table is always being competitive. It does not mater how many seniors graduate the previous year, the next boy's singles player, or girl's doubles team is always ready to step up and win.  This trend continued yesterday at the Metro Lakes Tournament. The Zebras brought home 1st place team plaques in both boys and girls, but that does not tell the story, so let me fill you in on how good our teams were. 

The word dominate means; to rule, control, or assert a guiding influence on. Now that you know that, let me explain a tennis tournament to those of us that do not really follow or understand how it works. A team consists of a #1 singles, #2 singles, #1 doubles, and a #2 doubles. The Zebras entered in all of these brackets on both the boys' side and girls' side. Here are the results for the boys: champion in #1 singles, champion in #2 singles, runner-up in #1 doubles, and champion in #2 doubles. Now the results for the girls, champions. That all that is need to be said about the girls because they finished 1st in all 4 brackets. Yes you have read this correctly, the two teams were one win away from a clean sweep of all the gold medals. Wow, what a day.

Great job Coach Larimer, and an even better job by all that competed. Regionals is right around the corner, so lets keep it going  and get everyone to state.