Football player in uniform

Ethan Grimett Selected  All-State Defensive Lineman

“I'm so proud of Ethan. Ethan played linebacker for years, but he was willing to switch to the defensive line his senior year because that is where his team needed him. His unselfish attitude paid off in a big way. I look forward to coaching Ethan one last time this summer in the All-State game.” - Coach Hurt 

The All-State game East vs West will be Jul y 29, 2022. Of course, we all know moms are their kids’ biggest fans, and in this family that is definitely true. “This was his first year in the position and to get picked for All-State speaks volumes of his work ethic. Our family is so proud of you Big E! A huge thanks to the coaches who have poured into him over the years. He’s had an amazing career as a Zebra and gets to suit up one more time as an All-Stater!” - Michelle Eaton 

Ethan has committed to play for the Falcons at Friends University in Wichita, KS.