Volleyball Season is Winding Down

The varsity volleyball team is nearing the end of their season. They currently sit at 21-16 on the season and are ranked  #7 in the state. They have 8 top 20 wins on the season. They are led by a core group of seniors. The 7 senior athletes this season are; Gracie Howe, Abby Dake, Hannah Dorsey, Elsa Rhodes, Ella Irvin, Nicky Parziale and Reese Newman. Beau Newman is a senior and the lone manager. 

 These seniors have now had 3 coaches in their 4 years of volleyball. This year's coaching staff includes former Sand Spring Head Coach, Derek Jackson, former Collinsville Head Coach, Nikki Baughman, and former Chelsea Head Basketball Coach, Lauren McSpadden. It is always difficult to build a successful culture and program when coaches are rotating in and out. These seniors have had to learn to adapt on the fly. They have done well at this and this has allowed them to win 78 total matches in their 4 years. 

Lets take a look at some of the top player's stats on the season;

Abby Dake- 54 Aces, 113 Kills, 20 Blocks and 100 Digs.
Hannah Dorsey- 65 Aces, 81 Kills, 310 Assists, and 156 Digs.
Claire Hardage- 124 Kills and 37 Blocks.
Ella Ramsey- 50 Kills and 72 Digs
Elsa Rhodes- 36 Aces, 53 Assists, and 246 Digs.
Reese Newman- 35 Aces and 100 Digs.
Ella Irvin- 78 Aces, 179 Kills, 56 Blocks, and 80 Digs.
Agustina Munoz- 108 Kills, 33 Blocks, and 41 Digs. 
Nicky Parziale- 64 Kills, 12 Blocks and 27 Digs.
Eliabetta Bertoli- 212 Assists and 86 Digs. 

Senior Night will be next Tuesday starting at 5:30 against Pryor. The team would love to finish the regular season out right surrounded by their school and community. If the rankings stay as is, they will be hosting a regional on October 10th. There will be 4 teams in the regional and the top team will advance to the state tournament.