1. Why did you go into Coaching?

To make a positive impact on the lives of young athletes the way that my coaches did for me. To
teach that accountability, discipline, and your character leads to higher performance. Also, to
instill these values in young adults' lives to better prepare them for life after sports.

2. What is the most memorable coaching moment you have ever had? (Does Not have to be
softball related)
Getting to coach my brother during his senior year.

3. What is your favorite moment when you were an athlete in high school or college?
My favorite memory as an athlete would either be going to the NJCAA World Series in Grand
Junction, Colorado, or playing for a state championship in 2013.

4. What was the most embarrassing moment you had as an athlete or coach?
The most embarrassing moment would be when I got ambushed by the entire baseball team with
snowballs. I proceeded to get hit by more than 30 snowballs and when I tried to run I fell flat on my back.

5. What is the funniest thing you have ever experienced as a coach, something that makes you
laugh to this day?
Watching Summer Bitting freak out over not having enough time to get ready for school picture day.
(I gave them 50 minutes)

6. What is the best excuse you have ever received from a player for not being at practice?
“My cat turned my alarm off so I didn’t wake up”

7. What is your Favorite sports movie and why?
Miracle, the movie paints a perfect picture of how becoming a team means more than talent alone.

8. What is your favorite sports quote?
Character Drives Performance