The season is more than half over and after a great start, the Zebras have had to figure out a way to battle through some adversity. In all sports you have things go your way at times, and at other times things head south and it is hard to right the ship. Well righting the ship is exactly the expectations that have been proposed by the kids and the staff. The Zebras have had many injuries, but it is football, everyone has injuries. “No excuses next man up” is the message being sent across the program, and that is what will happen. You cannot control what you can’t control, you just have to move forward and concentrate on the next day, and the next game, that the Zebras can control. Edison is next and winning that game is the most important thing to this team.

To go along with the message “No excuses next man up” theme came into play with last weeks POW’s. The players of the week this week came from a few unexpected names and one that is making a name for himself as a young sophomore. That is the first player of the week Josh Feleciano, the defensive player of the week. Josh has become an unstoppable force at the D-Tackle position for the Zebras and looks to continue that trend for the remainder of the season. The next POW is Walker Dunaway, the Zebras JV player of the week. Walker not only played JV but also had to step in and fill an open spot after an injury in the varsity game on Friday. Walker is one of those guys that was ready just in case his number got called. That is just one of the reasons he was one of this week’s POW’s. The special team’s POW was Jaedon Shackelford, AKA: Shack. Shack started the game in the best way possible, with a blocked punt that lead to an early score. Blocking a punt in football is one of the hardest things to do in a game. The coaches saw a weakness and Shack executed the block perfectly. The last POW is Hayden Lee. Hayden was another one of those kids that had to step up. Hayden, just a freshman, got pulled up and practiced for one week with the varsity. He was brought up to provide depth at the tailback position. He was told to be ready, and late in the first quarter the starter goes down, and he has to go in the game. He took full advantage of this opportunity, averaging 4 yards a carry and giving the Zebras some much-needed depth. Congrats to all the POW’s, and time to get back on track and beat Edison.