Cross country is one of those sports that takes a special type of person that wants to compete. Think about it, you choose everyday to get up in the morning over the summer and run 3,4,5, or even 6 miles. That is how you train for this sport, and most people would quit after the first day. Again, it takes a dedication, discipline, and a little bit of crazy to like running long distance. It also takes great coaches to motivate, and inspire kids to want to run. Our cross-country teams this year had both this season and it is paying off in the end.

The cross-country teams compete at the regional meet this last weekend and put all of their training to good use. The boys ran hard and had two individual runners qualify for the state tournament. The two that qualified were Gabe Rodriguez and Adrian Reyes. Congratulations to these two and good luck. The girls team also ran and I would like to say they did well, but actually they did what was expected of them. The expectation is when you run cross country on the girl’s team at Claremore, your team qualifies for state. That has become the standard as this group of girls became the 11th group in the last 13 years to qualify as a team. What a run the girl’s program is on, and yes pun was intended. The team included Emma Robinson, Eleanor Isaacs, Tylea Jones, Chloe Grubbs, Lillian Miles, Abbie Douthitt, Natalie Bump, Aryanna Culton, and Makayla Lentz.


Good luck to our individuals and good luck to our team, finish strong.