1. Why did you go into Coaching?

I've always had a passion for sports. I knew I was never going to be Albert Pujols after I was cut from the baseball program at my high school. So the best way to stay with sports was to coach.

2. What is the most memorable coaching moment you have ever had? 

Watching Jesse Cagle and Micah Teel dump 5+ gallons of ice water on Coach Willard after our last JH football game (in mid-October). We finished that year 7-1 and it was a phenomenal year for that group.

3. What is your favorite moment from when you were an athlete either in high school or college?

Oh man, there are so many to choose from. In high school we went on the road my senior year and defeated the #4 ranked team in Chicago, which was our school's first playoff win in 20+ years. 
In college, I will always remember my first college win. It was against a kid from Mizzou at the Mizzou open and I won 4-1. I was able to get away quickly then put on a ride for over a minute before he was able to get away. I was able to use my hands and movement to get him off balance to secure a late takedown to win 4-1.

4. What was the most embarrassing moment you had as an athlete or coach?

I was in my first year as a head JH wrestling coach and it was our very first dual. We just had a highly productive Sand Springs Tournament the weekend before, and against a lot of the same kids we were facing that night. The morning of or the day before we talked about etiquette coming off of the mat (especially not throwing head gear). Well Ashton lost to a kid he beat in the finals that weekend before and was understandably upset, so was I. Well I sat down and looked down, next thing I know a headgear hits me in the head. I was already not in a good mood but then I became furious. I got up hollering at Ashton and the next thing I know I am getting yelled at by my boss from across the gym to "calm down!". What I didn't see when I sat down was that when he was walking off he was swinging his headgear and it slipped out of his hand, it was an accident. 

5. What's the funniest thing you have ever experienced as a coach, something that makes you laugh to this day?

I will spare some of the stories I have of kids. But there was this one season when Coach Rogers, Coach Jahn, and myself decided it would be funny to jump Coach Willard (multiple times). It was a lot of fun picking on the lightest coach. He never saw us coming. 

6. What is the best excuse you have ever received from a player for not being at practice?

Brasel told me once he had a cow in a pond. It was my first year here and I did not know that was a thing.

7. What is your Favorite sports movie and why?

I think it's easier to name my least favorite ones, but to choose one I would have to say Coach Carter.

8. What is your favorite sports quote?

"Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy." -Dan Gable