Mr. Riggs CHS Teacher of the Month

CHS Teacher of the Month - G. Bruce Riggs

Bruce Riggs, known for his “... upbeat attitude every day which shows with his students,” is Claremore High School’s Teacher of the Month for his outstanding work in our Biomed Program. His fellow teachers are told by students “... that they think he is the best teacher they have ever had, and also that he is willing to go above and beyond helping around the school, attending sporting events, and talking to the kids in the hallway.” Mr. Riggs graduated from Claremore High School in 1983 with his twin brother, before earning a degree in Science from Excelsior College (Albany, NY) and a MBA from Southern Nazarene University. He completed postgraduate studies in Management Leadership Research at the renowned Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business (Pittsburgh, PA). This led him to careers in the Biomedical Technology Field, specifically the orthopedic, neurology, and cardiovascular markets, and to membership in the Association of Biomedical Professionals. He has published seven books, including the popular I Didn’t Sign Up… series. Mr. Riggs also served in the United States Air Force and was awarded the “Airman of the Year” at Eglin Air Force Base. With nearly two decades of experience as a senior adjunct professor, he was recruited to teach through the Troops to Teachers program.

Mr. Riggs has a wife, Tobi, who is a kindergarten teacher at Roosa Elementary and three children who are all Claremore alumni and have made careers as a teacher, a physical therapist, and an emergency room physician. He has five grandchildren. Mr. Riggs enjoys spending time outside, hiking and exploring with his family, and going to church, where he serves as a church leader. He is the sponsor of Young Republicans and a member of the CHS Safety Committee. He returned to Claremore because it is his family home and he desires to share relevant experiences with his students to hopefully motivate them to achieve at the highest levels possible. 

Some of his favorites include: 

📚  book - The Bible
🍕  food - pizza
🍴   snack - granola
☕ drink - coffee
💙 color - blue
🌍 dream vacation - to travel across the country
🦓 sports team - Claremore Zebras
🙶      quote - “Peace through Strength,” by Ronald Reagan.

Thank you, Mr. Riggs, for all of your hard work and dedication!

Mr. G Bruce Riggs, CHS BioMed Teacher