At the Community Committee meeting, it was announced that the clothing voucher applications will be available very soon.

THREE things of note:
1. (NEW) Applications must be made through Gadugi portal this year.
2. (SAME) - While Ages 5-18 are targeted, applications are accepted for <5 if in school and >18 if still in high school.
3. (NEW) There is NO residency requirement this year. You do NOT have to live In-district to qualify. At-Large IS ELIGIBLE

Other notes:
1. In addition to usual LiHeap assistance, assistance will also be available soon for water bill assistance. It is likely that it will be the same qualifications needed as with LiHeap.

2. The $200 annual youth community stipend program will be available soon. This program is also available to elders 62 and older.

This is our interpretation of the latest news from Cherokee Nation meetings today.

More meetings can be seen on CN YouTube channel.