Cadet receiving silver wings

NJROTC Cadet Commanding Officer Hudson Earns SILVER WINGS(FFA Drone Qualifications) 

NJROTC Cadet Commanding Officer Cayden Hudson is the first to earn his Silver Wings. This school year, the Claremore Corps of Cadets began a "Drone Program." As they have matured the program from fun to more serious application, they have provided a path for the Cadets to become FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) qualified.  

The first step in the process to earn the Silver Wings is to successfully complete the FAA Recreational UAS Safety Test, the safe flight planning (B4UFLY application), the Operational Risk Management (ORM) briefing, and crew assignments, navigating the obstacle course, and finally a de-brief. 

The obstacle course is rigorous. The pilot must use their crew to aid in navigating the obstacles because the pilot is limited to a spot on the course with blind turns and parallax problems; a comprehensive crew brief and crew assistance are imperative to successful completion.  

"Cadet Hudson's skills made the course look easy. He completed it on the first attempt! He made it look easy because he prepared and led a great pre-flight and outstanding crew brief. He was patient and calm and flew a flawless practical test," added Col. Rahe, NJROTC Sr. Instructor and a retired USMC Colonel. 

Cadet Hudson is studying now for the FAA Part 107 test to earn his Gold Wings.   Gold Wings, require the completion of the FAA Part 107 test. This test is challenging. It requires hours of study and preparation followed by a test taken at an FAA Flight Standards Office. NJROTC has built a small library of FAA Part 107 publications and study guides to prepare the prospective Gold Winger. The FAA Part 107 test successfully enables a Cadet to fly "for hire" commercially. This skill is a real-world application in a growing UAS/Drone industry. 

"We are very proud of Cadet Hudson achieving Silver Wings  - we have two more Cadets pursuing their Silver Wings, at this time," added Col. Rahe. 

Cadet Commanding Officer Hudson's father pinned on his Silver Wings.

NJROTC Cadet Commanding Officer Hudson's father, Jonathan, pinned on his Silver Wings.  Hudson's dad  served in the USMC and is now a pilot for American Airlines flying the A319-20 & 21 Airbus.  This experience was a proud moment for both Father and Son.  

NJROTC's "Wings" program is a great incentive for our students to join NJROTC!

To find out more about the CPS NJROTC program check out their webpage