Claremont Elementary School

Parent Family Engagement

We realize that the parent is the child's first and most important teacher, and that the parent's continued involvement is essential for the success of the child. Therefore, Claremont Elementary is committed to building a strong parent-school partnership. To support the parent-school partnership, the following policies were designed with meaningful consultation from parents. 

  1. At the beginning of each school year, a school parent compact, developed through parent and staff input, will be distributed asking parents and students to commit to a partnership with the school. 

  2. An annual Title I meeting will be held at the district level to which parents of all students will be invited. The contents of the annual meetings will consist of information pertaining to the program and activities provided with Title I funds. This meeting will also serve as an opportunity for parents to become informed, in a timely way, about how the program will be designed, operated, and evaluated. A school advisory council, consisting of parents, Title I staff member, regular school staff member, the principal(s), and the superintendent designee will work with all programs in the school to implement the Title I program within the total school program. 

  3. Parent involvement activities will be provided. When needed, transportation and childcare will be arranged as needed through the principal of the site. The purpose and content of parent involvement activities will be: 

  • To make parents aware of the importance of parental involvement requirements, other relevant provisions of the program and to receive input from the parents concerning the manner in which the school and parents can work together to achieve the program's objectives; 

  • To provide accessibility for parents to teachers, Title I staff and other educational personnel; 

  • To provide information regarding the school curriculum and to welcome parents to observe the total school program; 

  • To provide opportunities for parent-teacher conferences to discuss the student's progress, placements, and methods the parent can use to complement the child's instruction; 

  • To discuss ways the school staff can best provide information, programs, and activities in a language and form the parents can understand; 

  • To provide support to parents through training and services; 

  • To provide information concerning the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) the state mandated assessment process.


Parent Family Engagement 

  1. Appropriate training will be provided to all staff members to increase the effectiveness of the partnership between home and school. The training will be in the form of workshops, professional development sessions, and conferences. 

  2. The Title I staff will coordinate parent activities with other agencies in our area such as but not limited to Department of Human Services, Rogers County Health Department, The Child Advocacy Center, Oklahoma Parents as Teachers, Lions Club and the Shriner's Association. 

  3. Parents will be provided with ongoing communications through quarterly progress reports. 

  4. At the end of each school year, the Title I staff will meet with the parents of the Federal Programs Team to assess and discuss the effectiveness of the parent involvement program and to discuss how the next year's program will be designed, operated and evaluated. In addition, parents will be surveyed at the end of each year to provide input into the program. Those results will be used in developing the next year's program. 

This district-wide Parental Family Engagement Policy has been developed jointly with, and agreed on with, parents of children participating in Title I, Part A programs, as evidenced by signatures of those in attendance for the development of this policy (See Attached Signatures). 

This policy was adopted by the Claremore Public Schools Board of Education on August 10, 2020. The school district will distribute this policy to all parents of participating Title I, Part A children annually. 

Randa Fay, Principal

Claremont Elementary