Zebras United Against Cancer Committee Launches T-shirt to Raise Money for ZEBRA Staff/Students  Battling Cancer


Cancer may feel like someone else's fight if you have not experienced it in your own life. But CHS has decided THEIR FIGHT IS OUR FIGHT! Over the past four years, the ZUAC (Zebras United Against Cancer) Committee has helped raise over 9K to help our ZEBRA family members fighting this disease directly.

We have supported students & employees with Lymphoma, Prostate Cancer, Leukemia, Ewings Sarcoma, Breast Cancer, & Pancreatic Cancer in our elementary schools, our junior high, and our high school. We have experienced this disease as a family district-wide. This is why our theme this year is "THEIR FIGHT IS OUR FIGHT" because family takes care of family. 

Although all our clubs contribute to the fundraising, the ZUAC t-shirt sales are the largest part of our efforts. We hope you will be a part of showing our #CPSZEBRPRIDE and giving hope to our ZEBRA family members.

Zebras United Against Cancer t-shirt now on sale.

Order online here. Print an order form here.

Thank you!

2020-21 ZUAC Committee Caroline Cowherd, Cash Flegal, Brooklyn Boatman, and Leah Kruger