Important Information P-EBT Program

Dear Zebra Families:

As you may know, a federal grant recently provided financial support directly to families for children who would have received free- or reduced-price meals at school if they had not been required to learn virtually because of the pandemic during the 2020-21 school year.

This benefits program, known as P-EBT, is administered through the state Department of Human Services in cooperation with the state Department of Education.

Eligible students should receive the equivalent of $6.82 per day on the card for school days the student was enrolled at our school and received virtual instruction during the eligible school year. The credit can be used to purchase food at retailers that participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). To learn more, please click here.

There is no application process for this benefit; in fact, many families have already received their benefit cards in the mail. Unfortunately, many of the cards were mistakenly sent to students who do not attend qualifying schools, who did not qualify for free- or reduced meals based on their income or who did not complete a free- or reduced meal application during the eligible school year.

If your family has received or does receive a P-EBT card in error, state officials have instructed that the benefit should not be spent, and the card should be immediately destroyed. Thank you for your cooperation.

For information about the card, please call DHS at 405-522-5050.


Bryan Frazier Superintendent

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