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(Claremore, OK) Claremore Public Schools announces the adoption of a "No Cell Phone Policy" at Will Rogers Junior High (WRJH) for the 2023-24 school year. This decision comes in response to a genuine concern for the well-being of our students and our commitment to fostering a safe, focused, and respectful learning environment.

*Nationally and at WRJH, we have been experiencing a concerning increase in cell phone violations over the past several years, including videotaping fights, cyberbullying, and other inappropriate activities perpetuated by the misuse of cell phones. Just last year, WRJH had over 300 incidents reported. Such violations have significantly impacted the learning atmosphere, leading to over 50% of disciplinary actions directly associated with cell phone misuse.

Starting from the first day of school, Will Rogers Junior High will require students to turn off and securely store their cell phones in lockers during school hours. Students who need to contact a parent/guardian can report to the office and personnel will assist them appropriately. Parents can contact their child(ren) through the school office.  

Parents and guardians are encouraged to discuss the "No Cell Phone Policy" and its importance at home with their children. A collaborative effort between school and home will significantly contribute to the success of this policy and instill in our students the value of responsible technology use.

*For those interested in learning more about the impact of cell phone use in educational settings, this related article was presented during our discussions with the Board of Education. 

FAQs about the new policy

Q - Can my child use their phone before/after school?  
A - Yes, the policy is in effect during the instructional day from 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM. 

Q - Can my child use their phone between classes at their locker? 
A - No, students should keep their devices turned off in their lockers during the school day, 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM. 

Q - Will my child be able to text or communicate on their Smart Watch? 
A - No, this policy covers all cellular phones and other wireless devices. 

Q - Will my child be able to carry their phone in their backpack, purse, pocket, etc., during the day? 
A - No, they will be assigned a locker to safely secure the device during the day. We suggest bringing an appropriate lock. 

Q - What if my child is ill or has an emergency? 
A - Students will report to a nurse, administrator, counselor, or front office personnel, and they will assist them appropriately. 

Q - Can my child use their AirPods, headphones, or earbuds? 
A - Not generally, but exceptions will be made for educational purposes approved by the school administration. 

Q - Can my child bring/use iPod, MP3, and other personal entertainment devices at school?  
A - Not during the instructional day, 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM. 

Q - Can my child use their phone/device to take photos or videos of people, places or events during the school day? 
A - No, the policies include all features of a cell phone. 

Q - Can they use their devices during lunch? 
A - The lunch period is considered inside the instructional day; therefore, the no phone policy will be in place during lunch.

Q - What if I need to contact my child about a change in their pick-up routine, etc.? 
A - Please get in touch with the school office; they will deliver the message to the child. 

Q - What about if there is a school emergency? 
A - The school will communicate through our communication platforms. Please ensure your contact information is correct in your parent portal and download the CPS mobile app.