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State Testing Results Posted by OSDE

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The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) released final state test scores for the 2022-2023 school year.  The OKSDE Parent Portal is open for you to review your child’s initial scores; you will need the student’s DOB and State Testing Number (STN) to access the results. Students across the state participated in the Oklahoma State Testing Program (OSTP) last spring. 


3,  4, 6, 7
5, 8
English Language Arts, Math
English Language Arts, Math, Science
ACT, Science, History 

Claremore Public Schools is dedicated to utilizing data and assessments to identify where student learning currently stands and to close any identified gaps. It's worth noting that all elementary sites and junior high had a remarkable level of participation, with 95% or more of students taking the OSTP tests. At the high school, there was 100% participation of students taking science and history tests and 99% of students taking the ACT.  Although participation has ranged between 91-92% for the state, CPS still prioritized maintaining a 95% participation rate. 

Superintendent Bryan Frazier said, "Claremore Public School remains focused on raising the achievement for all students, closing the achievement gap for all students, providing educational equity for all students, and ensuring a safe, educational environment for all students. As Zebras, we continually strengthen our efforts to ensure our students learn in the classroom and our teachers are resourced and supported."

Claremore intends to use the test results as a baseline for future growth in student learning. It's important to remember that these results are just one data point and don't tell us everything about a student's or school's overall learning and performance. We aim to always focus on each student's individual growth, identify learning gaps and strengths, and fill in any gaps. 

When we return to school in August, all K-8th grade students will be given various assessments during the first nine weeks to help identify learning gaps. These assessments establish our daily academic intervention period for W.I.N. (Whatever Is Needed) TIME groups.

How Can I See My Child’s Test Scores? 

To access your child’s state testing scores, log in to the Oklahoma State Dept. of Education (OSDE) Parent/Student Testing Portal. To log in to the portal, families must have their student’s unique 10-digit State Testing Number (STN), available through the Claremore Public School (CPS) Parent Portal on your child’s report card or previous OSTP paper parent reports, and their DOB. School registrars can also provide the STN until the CPS Parent Portal is available for the 23-24 school year.  


What do the student scoring categories mean? 

Your student's score fits into one of four levels.  Students scoring: 

  • Advanced - may need enrichment opportunities to challenge them with material above grade level.  
  • Proficient - are on track and ready for the next grade or course.  
  • Basic - demonstrates foundational skills and abilities but is still working toward being on track.  
  • Below Basic - may need targeted support in developing skills and abilities to bring them to grade level.

Where can I find more information about the Oklahoma State Testing Program (OSTP)? 

  • If you have questions about your child’s scores or a particular school’s scores, please visit your child’s teacher, building counselor, or principal.
  • OSDE Website