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Our culture is defined by staff passionate about helping students develop through academics, arts, athletics, activities, and attitude. Our goal is to create a culture of employee empowerment and provide each student access to a qualified and effective teacher in every classroom, an effective principal in every school and an effective employee in every position.

We actively recruit applicants whose first concern is helping all students reach their full potential.  We are also committed to keeping these employees by providing excellent benefits and opportunities for professional growth.

We believe people, employees and students, are our most valuable resources.

We are a community - a team - a family!

A Teacher's Perspective


Ten Teachers Participate in the Inaugural CPS Aspiring Administrators' Academy

(Claremore, OK) Claremore Public Schools (CPS) proudly announces the initiation of the Aspiring Administrators’ Academy, a pioneering program designed to nurture and develop the next generation of educational leaders within the district. This initiative targets talented classroom teachers and counselors who aspire to broaden their understanding of educational administration and step into leadership roles.

The Aspiring Administrators’ Academy is structured to build a robust internal leadership pipeline, catering to the district's diverse needs. Throughout the academic year, participants will engage in a comprehensive development program. This includes monthly professional learning sessions led by a mix of internal and external experts, providing a multifaceted learning experience. Participants will also gain hands-on experience by observing current assistant principals or principals, enabling them to witness leadership in action.

A unique aspect of the Academy is the "problem of practice" project, designed to address real challenges building-level administrators face. This immersive approach ensures that participants not only learn about leadership but also apply their knowledge in practical, impactful ways.

Superintendent Bryan Frazier highlights the program’s significance: "Providing clear pathways for professional growth and advancement within the organization significantly benefits our staff members, enhancing their morale and motivation. When our team sees tangible opportunities for career advancement, it boosts their engagement and commitment to their current roles and fosters a culture of excellence and aspiration. It's about creating an environment where our staff knows that their hard work and dedication are recognized and can actively lead to meaningful career progression. This approach nurtures a sense of hope and ambition, contributing to higher job satisfaction and a sense of personal achievement. Ultimately, it's about empowering our staff with the knowledge that they have a promising future within the district, naturally leading to a more dynamic, motivated, and committed workforce."

Trandy Birch, Executive Director of Human Relations, elaborates on the program's deeper impact: "It’s about empowering our aspiring leaders with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and considerations that go into district-wide decisions. This empowerment transforms them into ambassadors of the CPS vision and mission, equipped to lead, inform, and inspire their peers with informed insights. They become not just participants in our system but experts and role models, capable of guiding and motivating others." 

The Academy is open to current CPS teachers or counselors holding a Master's degree or those enrolled in a graduate-level degree program. It offers a pathway towards administrative certification, further expanding career opportunities within the district. To successfully complete the program, participants must attend all sessions, complete a designated reading list, and engage in job-shadowing events outside of contract hours.

This initiative is more than just a training program; it's an investment in the future of Claremore Public Schools and a testament to the district's commitment to nurturing homegrown talent. The Aspiring Administrators’ Academy is a step towards fostering collaborative learning, enhancing leadership skills, and building a community of educators dedicated to making a significant impact in the field of educational leadership.

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Topics of the Aspiring Administrators’ Academy

  1. The Role of Site Administration

  2. Professional Communication

  3. School Finance Considerations

  4. School Operations

  5. Staffing: Recruit, Select, Reward, Retain or Remove

  6. School-Community Relationships

  7. Staff and Student Relationships

  8. Data, Data, Data

  9. Legal Considerations within the School