Site Teacher of the year 2023 - 24 spotlight

Mrs. Stacey Bacon

Mrs. Stacye Bacon's teaching philosophy is built on a foundation of compassion that centers around improvement, consistency, and genuine care for her students. She strives to be a stable presence in her students' lives in a world of inconsistency.

- ELL, Will Rogers Junior High

mr burke

Mr. David Burke emphasizes the importance of seeing students through the lens of love to understand, motivate, embolden, and challenge them; a principle echoed in Claremore's adoption of programs like Great Expectations.

- SpEd, Roosa Elementary

mrs camber

Mrs. Lauren Camber reflects on her impact, "Apart from my passion for teaching Pre-K, I love collaborating with my colleagues and inspiring new teachers...My goal for myself and my colleagues is to be a 'Marigold.'"

- Kindergarten, Claremont Elementary

Mrs. Casey

Mrs. Tracey Casey ensures that every student feels included and capable of mastering new challenges by integrating different learning styles and opportunities.

- 2nd Grade, Catalayah Elementary

ms. golbek

Ms. Meranda Golbek knows that just as every student has something to learn, so does every teacher. We should constantly change and evolve our methods to best suit the needs of our classrooms.

- Science, Claremore High School

Mrs. Sanders

Mrs. Darsea Sanders In an era where literacy is both a privilege and a challenge, Darsea is a crusader at the forefront of the fight against illiteracy, armed with the Science of Reading.

- Kindergarten, Westside Elementary