Allison Dohrer 2023 Salutatorian

🎓#15 Salutatorian- Allison Hailey Dohrer 

 Next Steps: Tulsa Community College 

 Field of Studies: Theatre 

 Zebra Since: PreK

🔴 What advice you would give your freshman self? If I could tell my freshman self anything, I'd say keep going. You are going to meet so many amazing people and make lifelong memories. You will learn and grow and become more yourself every single day. Make the most of the time you have here, it'll be worth it. 

🔴 What has this journey taught you about yourself? Over the years in school, I have come to terms with the fact that grades aren't everything. That being said, a lot of work goes into a successful student career. For me personally, this was a test of character and taught me some good life skills throughout the process. 

🔴 What does this accomplishment mean to you?  This accomplishment to me is a tangible trophy for my efforts. I have put much effort into maintaining grades and good school habits. At the end of everything, this is like a reward for that. 

🔴 Looking back on your school experience at CPS what does being a Zebra mean to you? Being a Zebra means taking pride in your connections and valuing how you treat others. 

🔴 What staff member impacted your life most and how in elementary school? At Westside elementary school, the teacher who impacted my life was Mrs. Braly. She was the art teacher for the years I attended Westside, and she helped me develop my creativity and find my love for art. 

🔴 What staff member impacted your life most and how in junior high? At Will Rogers Junior High School Mr. Isenbart had the biggest impact on me. Mr. Isenbart teaches the robotics program I participated in for three years. Throughout this program, I learned many life skills I still carry today. The memories I made in robotics were unforgettable. 

🔴 What staff member impacted your life most and how in high school?  At Claremore High School Randall Pike had the biggest impact on my life. Mr. Pike helped me to find my passion for theatre. In my freshman year, I attended a play he directed and my friends acted in. It was this play that made me fall in love with theatre. From then on, I took many classes and participated in as many shows as possible. Mr. Pike helped develop my skills and provided an environment where I could always learn and grow. Thanks to him, I found what I'd like to do with my future. He inspired me to pursue teaching and theatre. 

🔴 What is the ONE thing you absolutely take with you to college? Some of the best life advice I was given is if you're confident enough to ask for what you want but polite enough to do it respectfully, you will get most things in life. 

🔴 What activities you have been involved in? AP / Pre-AP Programs, Art Club, Dungeons & Dragons,  Drama, FUZE, Robotics, SkillsUSA, SAGA, Work Experience / Shadow / Internship (Career Development Program), and Dead Poets Society (DPS).

🔴 What was the hardest part (challenges) you had to overcome to achieve this honor? I've had to face some challenges regarding assignments and schooling in general. Personally, my biggest challenge ended up being my late ADHD diagnosis. This impacted far more of my motivation and study habits than I first realized, causing me to put in double the effort for the same product. Getting diagnosed, and being able to learn habits geared towards my needs, helped me to be able to do the quality of work that I knew I was capable of. 

🔴 What are you most proud of in your high school career? I am most proud of the theatre productions I produced, directed, and acted in. I have participated in many shows in high school, each of which meant a great deal to me. 

🔴 Awards / Honors / Scholarships

Awards: Outstanding Student in the subject of Drama