Lahna Erwin 2023 Salutatorian

πŸŽ“#12 Salutitorian - Lahna Analeece Trinity Erwin

Next Steps: Rogers State University
Field of Studies: Molecular biology
Zebra Since Kindergarten

πŸ”΄ What advice would you give your freshman self? Be happy, don’t worry.

πŸ”΄What does this accomplishment mean to you? I did very well in high school—Shoutout to Mr. Riggs and Mrs. Andrew for being the teachers.

πŸ”΄ What has this journey taught you about yourself? That I am a trooper.

πŸ”΄ What staff member impacted your life most and how in elementary school? Mrs. Rahn

πŸ”΄ What staff member impacted your life most and how in high school? Mrs. Andrew for being the kindest and Mr. Riggs for being the most inspiring.

πŸ”΄ What is the ONE thing you absolutely take with you to college? My Spirit

πŸ”΄ What activities have you been involved in? FUZE, Christian Club, AP / Pre-AP Programs, Math Club / Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Young Republican

πŸ”΄ What are you most proud of in your high school career? I can do the splits.

πŸ”΄ Awards / Honors / Scholarships Scholarships: Honors Program at RSU, full ride.

Anything else you would like to add… I Love street tacos.