Emma Peters 2023 Salutatorian

ğŸŽ“#11 Salutatorian - Emma Peters

 Next Steps: Rogers State University

 Field of Studies: Graphic design

Zebra Since: 7th grade

🔴 What advice you would give your freshman self? To my freshman self, try to be more outgoing and go out of your way to make friends and help people. It can be scary, but it's so worth it.

🔴  What does this accomplishment mean to you? It shows me that my hard work is paying off.

🔴 What has this journey taught you about yourself? This journey has taught me that I need more confidence in myself and my abilities.

🔴 Looking back on your school experience at CPS what does being a Zebra mean to you? Being a Zebra means having school pride and actively participating in school activities.

🔴 What staff member impacted your life most and how in elementary school? Mrs. Matthes from Legacy Christian School made a big impact because I was in her class for three full school years and learned a lot from her.

🔴 What staff member impacted your life most and how in junior high? Mrs. Smith from Will Rogers Junior High really sparked my interest in history.

🔴 What staff member impacted your life most and how in high school?  At CHS, Mrs. Hoffer impacted me through her kindness and our shared love of art. At Northeast Tech, Coach Faulconer helped bring me out of my shell and made me realize my love of graphic design and that career field.

🔴 What is the ONE thing you absolutely take with you to college? I will take the understanding that it's okay to ask for help when I need it.

🔴 What activities you have been involved in? AP / Pre-AP Programs, Art Club, NTC, World Language Club, Business Professionals of America (BPA), Production of Clue, National Technical Honors Society

🔴 What was the hardest part (challenges) you had to overcome to achieve this honor? To achieve this honor, I had to overcome difficulties with my mental health throughout my high school career.

🔴 What are you most proud of in your high school career? I am most proud of my accomplishments at Northeast Tech during my junior and senior years. I am also proud of the friends I made during these four years.

🔴 Awards / Honors / Scholarships

Scholarships: $2000 at RSU; waiting to hear about others.

Honors/Awards: BPA State Video Production: 1st place (2022); Best in Show Rogers County Fair Senior High Fine Arts 2022; archbearer at CHS 2022 graduation; certifications in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop; CHS Outstanding Student and Z Awards (2020); CHS Art Show 3rd place 2022