Grace Kreps 2023 Salutatorian

ğŸŽ“#8 Salutatorian- Grace Avery Kreps

 Next Steps: Rogers State University

 Field of Studies: Biology: Pre-Med

 Zebra Since: 9th grade

🔴 What advice you would give your freshman self? Focus on controlling the things you can control and try not to sweat the small stuff.

🔴 What has this journey taught you about yourself? This journey has shown me that I can achieve the goals I set for myself.

🔴 What does this accomplishment mean to you?  As a freshman, I decided I wanted to be Salutatorian or Valedictorian of my class. Accomplishing this goal means a lot to me and is something I am proud of.

🔴 Looking back on your school experience at CPS what does being a Zebra mean to you? Being a Zebra means being a part of a community bigger than myself and knowing that I have support from many teachers along the way. 

🔴 What staff member impacted your life most and how in elementary school? Mrs. Wilkerson (Verdigris Elementary)- She made the first-grade fun and was a bright spot in my childhood! Definitely one of the sweetest people I have had as a teacher.

🔴 What staff member impacted your life most and how in junior high? Mr. McCaughan (Justus Tiawah)- As a shy, timid little nerd, Mr. McCaughan's class was always a place where I could relax and joke around. He helped to spur my love of science and helped me break out of my shell.

🔴 What staff member impacted your life most and how in high school?  Coach Wiens (Claremore High School)- His constant motivation and encouragement pushed me to be the best I could be, not just in track but in life. He never gave up on me, even when I always made fun of his walk and raised his blood pressure. Coach Wiens has no idea what a great coach he is and how much I appreciate my years with him in track.

🔴 What is the ONE thing you absolutely take with you to college? Coffee and my 90's records

🔴 What activities you have been involved in? AP / Pre-AP Programs, Track, Christian Club, FCA, National Honor Society, Yearbook, and Young Democrats.

🔴 What was the hardest part (challenges) you had to overcome to achieve this honor? The hardest challenge was staying focused on my grades through several physical injuries and anxiety.

🔴 What are you most proud of in your high school career? I am most proud that even through many distractions and obstacles, I was able to keep my grades up, run track, and become Salutatorian.

🔴 Awards / Honors / Scholarships

Scholarships: Honors Program at RSU, Full Scholarship

Awards: Oklahoma High School Honor Society Member since Freshman year and several Z awards

Other Acknowledgements: Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey. Though I had to choose just one, I'd also like to thank Mr. Cummings, Mrs. Lahr + Ms. Warden (because they're a package deal), and Mr. Riggs. CHS has the best staff you could ask for!