Welcome Back Message From Superintendent Bryan Frazier


Zebra Family, 

It is hard to believe it's been 166 days since a student has entered the halls at Claremore Public Schools. It honestly seems like years, and I'm sure it feels that way for many of you. Since spring break of last semester March 13th, we have gone through a complete shutdown of our businesses, cities, and schools, pivoted to distance learning, weathered Stay at Home orders, learned how to do meetings on Zoom, and many other changes.  

 During this time, we have truly learned a lot about ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, and realized that there are many things we can do without, but school isn't one of those things. With great optimism, some anxiety, and a lot of joy, I can announce SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW, August 27th.  

On July 16th, we announced our re-entry plan for schools. Weeks prior to this, numerous meetings and procedures were developed to safely and effectively re-enter school. We've given our families options that would fit their risk tolerance to the pandemic, and tomorrow all our ZEBRAS will begin the 2020-2021 school year at CPS.

None of us have ever experienced times like these. There are no blueprints or books to read to guide us. We are living out a genuinely historic event, one that will change us and education forever. 

The one constant thing is the need for children to have school. School takes form in many ways, and we all are embracing these changes. Our commitment to educating your children at the highest level possible, whether they are full virtual (CVS), Traditional (in person), or a combination of the two (Hybrid). Our commitment to our district goals remains the same for all students:  

1 - Raise student achievement for ALL students, 

2 - Close the achievement gap and provide educational equity for ALL students, and 

3 - Ensure a safe, educational environment for ALL students.

We will love and care for each student in this district. We will seek to stretch academic growth and learning as far as we can so that students are ready for their next endeavor. 

We have planned and prepared to the best of our abilities. We've strived to provide a re-entry plan for every student. These plans will not be perfect; we will evaluate, modify, and adjust every day. As information grows and new knowledge is shared, our plans will evolve to meet the changing needs. Our commitment is to make these adjustments throughout the school year. We ask for you to be flexible and adapt with us, knowing we will always do what we believe is best for our students and families at Claremore Public Schools. 

For this school year to be successful, we must have the cooperation of our families throughout this entire school year. Our students' and staffs' safety is the number one issue on all our minds, especially now during the pandemic. We have many safety protocols and procedures in place once students arrive at our schools, but one of the single most important things you can do as a family is to go by this checklist daily before sending your children to school.   Please review these protocols carefully and help us maintain a healthy environment for our staff and students.  To review the pre-screen checklist click here.


Welcome back! 



Superintendent Bryan Frazier



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