CPS Response to New CDC Quarantine Guidelines


Zebra Family, 

Yesterday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced significant changes to its guidance regarding COVID-19 quarantines, lowering it from the previous standard of 14 days. 

Claremore Public Schools will adjust its quarantine procedures according to the updated CDC guidelines. The following will go into effect immediately.  Staff and students currently quarantined due to a close contact will have a new modified return date.  Please refer to this chart for your modified date. If you have any questions about your modified return date, please contact your site principal for clarification.

  • A person may reduce the original 10 day quarantine after 7 days if they test negative and have had no symptoms. The test can be a PCR or rapid test, and CPS will require the test to be taken on day 6 or after of the original quarantine period.   Documentation of the negative test will be required to return before the recommended 10 days.  Documentation will need to be provided to an administrator or school nurse before or upon entering the building. 
  • Without a test, a person will quarantine for 10 days and monitor symptoms for four more days. The person will return to school on day 11.

The CDC guidance states when a shortened quarantine is implemented, persons should observe the following for the entire 14 day period.

  • Daily symptom monitoring
  • Mitigation strategies, including correctly and consistently wearing a face covering and social distancing
  • Maintaining the integrity of the quarantine period by staying at home, wearing a mask, etc. 

Isolation for a positive case will remain the same 10-day isolation. (revised 12.4.20 - Changed "Quarantine" to "Isolation" for clarity and consistency with the CDC verbiage in this sentence only.)

Please review the full CDC guidelines here.
Isolation vs Quarantine

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Spanish PDF

Superintendent, Bryan Frazier