Youth Wrestling Team


If you would like your child to build confidence & toughness, this sport is for you.

Sign-ups are on September 14th & 17th from 6 pm to 7 pm in the Claremore High School wrestling room. 

If you can NOT make the sign-up on those dates, you will be able to sign-up at any practice until December 3rd. 

  • Cost is $100 or $75/wrestler if more than one wrestler in the family.  
  • The cost covers a shirt and any payment for the coaching staff. 
If cost is an issue, we have a scholarship program in place.  DO NOT LET COST BE THE REASON WHY YOUR CHILD DOES NOT WRESTLE.
  • Practice will start on October 4th. 
  • Practices will be on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6:00 pm for beginners and    7:15 pm for advanced level. 

Youth wrestling is for anyone the age of 5 and up.  Your child needs to be five years old before the sign-up date.  The number of wrestlers we have sign-up for the program will dictate if we have one or two practices;  one for beginners and one for advanced wrestlers.  If your child has less than two years of experience, they will need to attend the beginner's practice until the coach decides to move them up. 

The wrestling tournaments are on Saturdays throughout the season and will be located somewhere on the state's east side.  You do NOT have to attend every weekend.  You, as the parent, will choose which tournaments your child will compete. 

If you have any questions, please contact:
Michael Williams, Head Coach—918-408-9814
Chad Willard, High School Head Coach—918-515-0173  l