Leading Ladies of CHS - Alex Henning, StuCo President

Leading Ladies of CHS

As Women in History month comes to a close, we are taking the time to celebrate some of the Leading Ladies at CHS who have made a positive impact in our school system.

Alexandra Henning - Student Council President

Q - When did you become a CPS student & what schools have you attended at CPS?

I became a CPS student in 2013 when I joined third grade at Catalayah Elementary. I have attended Catalayah, Will Rogers Junior High, and Claremore High School. 

Q - What extra-curricular involvement & leadership positions (clubs & sports):

  •  President of Student Council
  • Historian for SkillsUSA
  • Zebra Spirit Staff
  • National Honor Society
  • FUZE
  • Mu Alpha Theta
  • Chemistry Club,
  • National Technical Honor Society

Q - Why is it important to get involved and make a difference in high school? 

Getting involved in high school is a great way to build connections and establish relationships in Claremore. It was super meaningful to me as a freshman to be welcomed into Student Council and feel confident as a student at the high school. The involvements and connections I made have shaped me into the leader I am today and steered me on the right path for my future. 

Q - If you had to create a 140 character tweet to describe you what would it be?   

Most of my time is spent with my boyfriend, completing gov and calc homework, or listening to Taylor Swift. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Q - If you knew me better you’d know I … 

I love spending time alone with my dog, Daisy, and close friends. I have always enjoyed school and found that Claremore has always been very welcoming and well-equipped with opportunities for all interests. I absolutely love Taylor Swift and find any opportunity to include her in my school work. 

Q - What is your favorite piece of pop culture and why (book, movie, tv-show, podcast, band, social media influencer)?  

I love Taylor Swift! Ever since I was little, I have loved her music and that love has only grown as I’ve gotten older. Her ability to translate her emotions into her songs and write beautiful lyrics has been something I have begun to appreciate more as a teen. She is also extremely inspiring as a woman in the music industry who has maintained her relevancy and respect for such a long period of time. She is absolutely my idol as I move into college and the workforce. 

Q - What are your dreams for your future? 

In the future, I hope to be a successful electrical engineer making an impact on women in STEM fields! I would love to be working for a large company and create new products and ideas for the average person to utilize. I loved my digital electronics class with Mrs. Hammack, so I am looking forward to working in a field I love!

Q - What has been your most significant accomplishment during your tenure at CPS? 

My most significant accomplishment at CPS would have to be my election as Student Council President. I have loved my time as a student council member, and I truly believe it is a great experience for any incoming high school student to get involved in. As a freshman, I was immediately welcomed into the club and I hope the impact I experienced is one that I can leave for others. Getting involved in school events and community service has been the greatest benefit to me, and I hope others will continue to get involved as well. 

Q - What legacy do you want to leave here at CHS? 

I hope to leave a legacy of pride in our school. In my time as a student, I became heavily involved in school spirit by contributing to the establishment of the Zebra Spirit Staff and organizing our assemblies in the 2019-2020 school year. I have seen how impactful school spirit has been in unifying our classes and student body as a whole. I hope to see this carried on for future Zebras.

Q - What do you love about Claremore Public Schools?

One thing I love about Claremore Public Schools is the number of opportunities it offers for its students. Personally, I have gotten involved in many clubs offered through the high school, as well as, utilizing the Pre-Engineering program offered at the high school. We also have many fine art opportunities, advanced learning opportunities such as Honors, Pre-AP, and AP classes, collaborations with Northeast Tech to offer trade learning opportunities, and more. As a STEM student myself, the new STEM building also provides another opportunity for students in that area. I truly believe that there is something for everyone at Claremore, and we have amazing staff members who want you to succeed. 

Q - A Zebra is a very unique mascot - what does it mean to you to be a Claremore Zebra?  

I love being a Claremore Zebra! It is such a unique mascot, which I found is extremely fun to introduce to students from other schools and represents our special Claremore community well. We are a 5A school, which means we are pretty large, but I have always felt that our small-town feel helps us stay more connected as a community than some other 5A schools nearby. Once you’re a Zebra, you are truly always welcomed as a Zebra, and I am so grateful to be a part of such a great community. 

Q - Who is a mentor or role model who inspired you & why? 

This is a tough choice, as I have had many great mentors throughout my high school career. A mentor who has inspired me is Ms. Bongard, my Student Council advisor. She does so much for Student Council and dedicates an immense amount of time to provide more for her students. She truly becomes like a second mom to the student council leadership class, taking care of us while also teaching us how to navigate challenges and look at situations realistically. I can always count on her to be honest, and look at things from a grounded perspective, which inspires me to be a more grounded leader and remain level-headed in any situation. She is an irreplaceable asset to Student Council, and I hope future classes value her dedication and time as much as past and present classes do. 

Q - Who has been the most influential teacher in your career and why? 

The most influential teacher I have had in my career has been Miss Garroutte. I met her my freshman year, and she was my very first high school teacher. She taught me that year in Honors Geometry, and I did not have her as a teacher again until this year, my senior year, for Pre-AP and AP Calculus. Besides being a great teacher, she showed deep care for us early on, and I could tell that she truly sees the best in every student and wants each of them to succeed. This year, I picked up more on her sarcastic humor and became even closer with her in our smaller-sized AP class with only 11 students. I have personally witnessed how her teaching has improved the math capabilities of a fellow student, and I know with certainty how much they care for her as well. She reignited my love for math and has made me look forward to my future as an engineering student, and I hope to stay in touch with her as I further my education.

Q - How has attending school through a pandemic grown you positively as a person? 

This pandemic has taught me how much I truly value a positive learning environment and helped me focus on what I truly want out of my education. Once I returned to school in the fall of 2021, I recognized that I wanted to contribute my time and energy to the things that impacted me positively as a person and made me happiest. I got involved in other clubs, took courses that interested me, and formed closer relationships with friends and family. The pandemic taught me what I value most and how I carry myself as a person today. 

Q - What service projects (school or community) have you participated in & what were your individual contributions? 

I have participated in the National Honor Society’s Hope Race for Education for three years. For the first two years, I served on the cheering committee, in which I stayed the entire duration of the race to cheer on runners. This year, I served on the parking committee and helped direct runners and members of NHS to the race start and then cheered on runners once the race started. This past summer, I began serving the homeless in Tulsa with Night Light Tulsa. I served about six weeks during the summer and then helped introduce a community service project to our SkillsUSA chapter. We raised $750 by selling wristbands, in which I helped sell some as well. We then traveled to Tulsa and served the homeless with forty of our members. 

Q - What service project was most meaningful to you?  

Serving with Night Light Tulsa was the most meaningful service project because it showed me how different some people’s situations could be. I learned that unconditional kindness could go a long way, and the little things we use every day can be extremely meaningful for those who don’t have easy access to them. A service project like this one is extremely eye-opening, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in helping others.