Leading Ladies of CHS - Brooklynn Boatman, FFA President

Leading Ladies of CHS

As Women in History month comes to a close we are taking the time to celebrate some of the Leading Ladies at CHS who have made a positive impact in our school system.

Brooklynn Boatman - FFA President

Q - When did you become a CPS student & what schools have you attended at CPS? 

I have attended CPS ever since kindergarten. I have attended Roosa, Claremont and Claremore High School.

Q - What extra-curricular involvement & leadership positions (clubs & sports):

  • Chapter FFA President 2021-2022
  • FUZE Mentor 2021-2022
  • NHS VP of Operations 2021-2022
  • Chapter FFA Secretary 2020-2021
  • FUZE Mentor 2020-2021
  • NHS Junior Representative 2020-2021
  • NHS Sophomore Representative 2019-2020
  • Track 2018-2020

 Q - Why is it important to get involved and make a difference in high school? 

It is important to get involved because that is how you make a difference in high school. The more you are involved within clubs and within your school, the more likely you are able to have a fun and successful high school career. Getting involved also encourages you to form connections with new people and make new lifelong friendships.  

Q - If you had to create a 140 character tweet to describe you what would it be?   

I am a hardworking, adaptable and ambitious young lady with strong problem solving skills. I have high levels of self-motivation and determination to excel in my job and leadership positions and have a successful high school career, as well as trying to make the environment I am held in be more acceptable and encouraging. I strive to reach my highest potential and include all the people I can in my success while cheering them on for their achievements. My family and friends have made me who I am today and will continue to push me to work hard and be a competitive individual in this cruel world.

Q - If you knew me better you’d know I … 

I don’t like being involved in drama. I’d much rather give my opinion and stay out of the conversation if it doesn’t severely affect me, my family and my friends. 

Q - What is your favorite piece of pop culture and why (book, movie, tv-show, podcast, band, social media influencer)?  

I am a huge fan of watching the movie, A Walk To Remember. It demonstrates the way true love should be and gives me hope for the future. I love the 

Q - What are your dreams for your future? 

I hope to be a role model for my cousins and friends to put in the most effort to have a great outcome, even through hard times. I hope to pursue Sonography school at Tulsa Community College starting this fall. I wish to continue my dedication throughout my schooling and be able to have a beautiful family as I get older.

Q - What had been your most significant accomplishment during your tenure at CPS?

I have received my State FFA Degree which is the second highest degree you can receive as an FFA Member. I have been able to strengthen my FFA career, thanks to CHS.

Q - What legacy do you want to leave here at CHS? 

I want to leave the legacy of someone who wasn’t afraid to be different. When I first came to CPS I had a group of friends that were deemed “popular” and as I left CPS and then returned a few years later, I was in a totally different mindset where I didn’t care about popularity and FFA, the “ag kids” became my home away from home. I didn’t care about homecoming queen, I wanted to do the best within my FFA Chapter and as President of it, I feel as if I’ve lived up to my goals within FFA. I want others to see that it is doable to stand out from the crowd and be an “ag kid”. Be ‘weird’. Be happy. Be yourself!

Q - What do you love about Claremore Public Schools?

I love how many clubs and activities we hold throughout the school. There’s is truly a place for everyone to fit into their personality. I have personally found 3 clubs that inspired me to become a better leader: NHS, FUZE and FFA. 

Q - A Zebra is a very unique mascot - what does it mean to you to be a Claremore Zebra?  

To be unique! Zebras are all different and that inspires me to be like that. I want to be different from other students and want to stand out. But, zebras also travel in herds. One must help another, no matter what is going on, we must all stick together! 

Q - Who has been the most influential teacher in your career and why? 

Mr. Matt Boyer has had the best impact on my life ever since I have joined CHS. Starting freshman year, he has guided me through ag and has continually supported me through my high school career. He has been a therapist at times, an encourager, and a friend. For him, I will be forever grateful because he helped me get through a tough time in my life and still helps me get through day-to-day situations; even when he doesn’t notice. 

Q - How has attending school through a pandemic grown you positively as a person? 

COVID-19 hit in the spring of my sophomore year. Ever since then it has been nonstop changed throughout school protocols and new ways of learning. Distance learning has helped me stay connected when I was quarantined at home almost for a whole semester of the school year. Attending school through the pandemic has shown me patience and willingness to be easygoing and helpful in the process with friends and teachers. 

Q - What service projects (school or community) have you participated in & what were your individual contributions? 

  • Food for Kids 2018-2022 - packed school lunches for kids who are unable to pack their food for school.
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing 2018-2022 - rung bells in pending weather to bring in donations for the Salvation Army.
  • Hope Race 2019-2022 - helped create and run the Hope Race for Education to help fund teachers for the upcoming school year with new devices and such. 
  • ZUAC 2019-2022 - created and distributed t-shirts to help raise awareness for cancer in our CPS District to give back to their families.

Q - What service project was most meaningful to you?  

The Food for Kids because it makes me feel better about helping others throughout our district!