WRJH Girls STEM Club

WRJH Girls STEM Club Competing in Speedfest - VOTE TODAY

Zebra family, the WRJH Girls STEM club, needs your help! They need you to give their video Claremore Will Rogers Flyers a “like” (👍) on their YouTube channel: 

More about the project - What is Speedfest?

It is an event put on by Oklahoma State University through aerospace engineering for college, high school, and middle school students. Students in the high/middle school level build RC (remote control) planes to compete in a competition with other schools. 

Seven WRJH girls spent time after-school in the Fall learning the principles of flight, aerodynamics, etc., to gain the background knowledge needed to build the plane. Since February, the girls have been building the aircraft, designing helmets (hard hats), and this video. 

Thank you to Will Rogers Memorial for letting them use pictures and videos from the memorial to produce this video.