Emily Rogers

Emily Rogers has been delivering for the Zebra Softball team since her freshman year. Emily is the starting 3rd baseman and has been so for the last 4-years. Being a 4-year starter at any position, in any sport, at any level is almost impossible, but not for her. Emily has made it look easy over the last 4 years and has done so by always being prepared. Emily has a work ethic that is second to no one and is never satisfied. Whether she has a great game or a bad game the next day is the same, work hard and get better. This is how Emily has been able to separate herself from the pack and rise to the level she plays at on a daily basis.

Rogers’s senior year started a month ago against Miami Wardogs, and she has not looked back, making the most of her senior year thus far. Emily at this point is leading the team in almost every category. She is first in average with a .479 batting average, first in OBP at .519, leads the team in hits with 23, and has scored 12 times which also leads the Zebra squad. She has accomplished this from the leadoff position, and when your lead-off is putting up numbers like these, it usually means success in the win’s column.

I asked Coach Short what makes her special he answered simply this, “she is our leader on and off the field.” Life as a coach is always easier when your leadership does what Emily has done throughout her career and the first half of the season.

Congrats on the first half Emily Rogers and the rest of the Zebra Softball team, I cannot wait to see what happens down the stretch.