ZUAC - Zebras United Against Cancer shirt now on sale

Claremore Zebras United Against Cancer

T-Shirt Sales Kick of 2022-23 Fundraising Campaign

Claremore High School is participating in the  Zebras United Against Cancer campaign for its seventh year. Zebras United Against Cancer, or ZUAC, is a fundraising and awareness initiative for cancer awareness and education. Funds will be donated to our Zebra family members (staff and students) fighting various cancer types.   

NHS officers and committee members in past ZUAC shirts

Claremore students have donated over $10K to CHS families battling cancer since its inception in 2015. The 2021-22 efforts donated $1000 each to four Zebra families. “Mrs. Kari Garroutte, who began this initiative in 2015, always talked about the Zebra Family,” said Jamie Brace, who was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2016 and a recipient of a ZUAC donation, “Through this journey, our staff and the school system have been supportive by providing meals, prayers, and encouragement. To know the students were involved in seeing me through this fight was overwhelmingly powerful in my journey to remission.” 

band members in ZUAC shirts

The cost of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and testing is an enormous financial burden. For instance, a single chemotherapy treatment can cost anywhere from $10,000.00 to $20,000.00. This money is making a monumental difference for children everywhere and many members of the Claremore community.  

ZUAC hopes to have a year of growth and empowerment for all Claremore’s students and faculty. “Our goal this year is to get more organizations and teams involved. We hope to take ZUAC to a community level and to show people what the next generation is really made of,” said Claremore High ZUAC committee chair Jonha Smoot, “I would like to thank the parents and community for helping our students see the value in helping others and making a personal difference for patients in our city. I believe that this generation has the power to continue the fight against this disease.”

boys in pink for ZUAC Pink Out Week

Claremore students kick off the ZUAC fundraiser through shirt sales during Breast Cancer Awareness month, which will be worn at the Pink Out Zebra football game on October 21, 2022, vs. Bishop Kelley. Each sport will host a Pink Out / ZUAC night throughout the season, so the community will have plenty of opportunities to wear their shirts. 

Not all cancer is pink; we have staff and students battling several types of cancer. Therefore, students will continue to participate in fundraisers like powder puff sports games, passing the bucket at sporting events, and other events as the clubs meet and plan their contribution efforts. ZUAC is school-wide and year-round, and all organizations and sports will have the opportunity to make an impact. This week Claremore High kicks off its shirt sales. The sale of these shirts will put the Zebras on track to increase donations. Last year four Zebra families received $1000 each to help them through these difficult times. 

This committee was formed after the school discovered the annual OSSAA Win-Win week is always close to homecoming and focuses on only one cancer. The overwhelming commitments of the student body during those weeks led them to create their own committee and efforts that they could work in throughout the school year that would be convenient for their schedules. The committee, led this year by the National Honor Society officer team, comprises all the club presidents and team captains or designees. With over 30 groups participating. “CHS wants their students to be well-rounded citizens aware of and work to better their school, community and world. Allowing them to band together for a cause that affects people everywhere, regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background. Cancer is an equal opportunity offender. Being involved with these efforts builds morale, creates a culture of giving and serving, and strengthens the pursuit of our school motto, “Excellence For All - Excellence from All,”  added Smoot.


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