kids testing

The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OKSDE) released finalized state test scores for the  2021-2022 school year.  Students across the state took part in the Oklahoma State Testing Program (OSTP) last spring. 

Testing includes: 

  • 3rd grade - English Language Arts, Math
  • 4th grade - English Language Arts, Math
  • 5th grade - English Language Arts, Math, Science
  • 6th grade - English Language Arts, Math
  • 7th grade - English Language Arts, Math
  • 8th grade - English Language Arts, Math, Science
  • 11th grade - ACT, State Science and History Assessment 

Claremore Public Schools is committed to utilizing this data and other assessments to identify where student learning is currently and close the gaps that have been created. 

“Claremore Public School continues to be focused on raising the achievement for all students, closing the achievement gap and providing educational equity for all students, and ensuring a safe educational environment for all students.   “The effects of the pandemic will be seen for several years.  There is no instant fix; we will not and cannot give up.  As Zebras, we continually strengthen our efforts to ensure our students learn in the classroom and our teachers are resourced and supported,”  Superintendent Bryan Frazier.

Claremore will use these test results as a baseline for future growth in student learning.  These results are one data point and in no way tell us everything about a student’s or school’s overall learning and performance.  Our goal is to always focus on each individual student’s growth, define learning gaps and strengths and fill in gaps that may exist. 

Since returning to school in August, all K-8th grade students have been given various assessments during the first nine weeks of school to help identify gaps in their learning.  These assessments are used to establish W.I.N. (Whatever Is Needed) Time groups, our daily academic intervention period.  Teachers also use district/site assessments to provide specialized instruction and support within regular class periods and after-school intervention.   

For more information on accessing your child's testing results go to our State Testing webpage