Here they are! We are extremely proud to introduce you to the 2020 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year finalists! 🎉🎉🎉 Details, names and districts here: “These 12 individuals represent the highest standard of education in our state and are exceptional examples of the tremendous impact one person can make in the lives of kids.” - State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister Congrats, everyone! The 2020 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year will be named Sept. 17 in a ceremony at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City.
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Michell Rahn State TOY Finalist
CHS is very excited to announce that Dani Meisinger is the 2nd volleyball player in Claremore History to be playing in the All-State Volleyball Game representing in the Big East. Dani played in various positions on varsity for the Lady Zebras for the past four years. She will be attending the University of Arkansas this fall. Come and support Dani at the Maybee Center at ORU TONIGHT at 7:30 pm. Good luck Dani and we will all be cheering for you! #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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Dani playing in the All State Game
2nd Volleyball player in CHS history to play in All State games
Volleyball All State player
Claremore FFA member Hailey Drake just returned home after a week-long trip to Denver, Colorado for the Hereford Junior Nationals. In addition to exhibiting heifers, she was selected to open the show by singing the National Anthem on Wednesday and Friday. #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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FFA member attends Hereford Jr Nationals
Misty Book, a teacher at Weststide Elementary, attended #STAFFSUMMERSCHOOL, workshop courtesy of the Oklahoma Soybean Board... "Chick-A-Doodle-Do!" Did you know that chickens are soybeans' biggest fan! Animal agriculture is the biggest consumer of soybeans, with chickens being the #1 consumer of all the soybean animal consumers! This is just one of the interesting bits of information Mrs. Book received. Not only did she learn new facts and about chickens, but also received a ton of free materials for her classroom! She is already looking forward to hatching chicks this spring! #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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OEIP (Oklahoma. Education & Industry Partnerships) "The Ultimate Teacher and Industry Connection" was held at MidAmerica Industrial Park in Pryor, OK. Mrs. Michelle Rahn, WRJH Science teacher, attended this #STAFFSUMMERSCHOOL event, toured industries in the area and participated in hands-on workshops to learn STEM lessons. These lessons will help make real-world connections for students from the classroom to careers. "It was a great opportunity to learn what industry is looking for in a student and the skills needed to be career-ready. We also had an opportunity to learn about drones, virtual reality in business & the classroom, wind energy, Google Classroom, and much more. We toured GRDA Pensacola Dam, Orizon & Ferra Aerospace Industries in Grove, HEM-Saw Corporation and RAE Cooperation - all companies in our backyard... Pryor, OK," Rahn shared. Mrs. Rahn applied for a grant of $750 from Pitsco that was made available at this event and WON! This PD was sponsored by Oklahoma State Dept. of Career Tech, RSU, MidAmerica Industrial Park, Pitsco, Northeast Tech. #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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Rahn attends OEIP
Virtual Reality changes how students experience math. The "Bart" name has a long history of influencing students in the Claremore area. As 3rd generation teacher Kaylee Bart is one of the newest additions to the Roosa Elementary staff. Although she is fresh out of college, Miss Bart leaped right into #STAFFSUMMERSCHOOL by attending a three-day at Camp SevenStar in Park Hill attending a virtual reality training. At this training, she was able to explore the integration of virtual reality into her lessons. "I was able to get into a VR headset and immerse myself in a variety of environments. The final day, we created a lesson plan using the VR headset and our state standards. I was amazed at all of the different ways I can teach math using virtual reality." This tool has applications for several disciplines. Bart explained, "As a math teacher, I plan to use the app Tilt Brush to immerse my students in a 3D environment. While teaching about 3D shapes, students will be able to draw their shapes and walk around them to compare similarities and differences. This strategy can also be applied to lines, rays, and angles and finding the area of a shape. This immersive environment can be used in any content area. For example, in Geography, a teacher can use the National Geographic app and travel to Antarctica or other geographic regions. In science, there is a rollercoaster app that you can use to teach potential and kinetic energy." Miss Bart shared her experience with her mom, a WRJH math teacher, who immediately began trying to figure out a way to utilize this tool in her classroom as well. "I want my students to be able to 'climb' into a quadrilateral when we start our geometry unit." Imagine the impact on learning this will have for our visual and kinesthetic learners. Engaging more than one learning style is imperative because every student processes information differently. This training was part of an undergraduate scholarship program Miss Bart through NSU. NETSTAR Scholars is funded through the American Indian Resource Center. They purchased one headset for each scholar and provided the training. #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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VR changes the way students see math.
"Team building is all about relationships and relationships are all about patience." This quote embodied the recent experience at Oklahoma's Alumni Leadership Camp which focused around team building. This fast-paced, high energy camp drew more than 1,600 FFA members from over 300 Oklahoma FFA chapters seeking a week of motivation and learning. "The 2019 camp engaged FFA members in fun-filled, action-packed activities focused on personal, team, and service leadership," @Jesslyn Schrock, CHS Agriculture Ed Teacher & FFA Advisor who served as a sponsor during the 4-day camp. #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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FFA Alumni Leadership Camp
FFA Alumni Leadership Water Olympics
Do you plan on shopping Amazon's Prime Day today or tomorrow?! Show your #CPSZEBRAPRIDE and make your Amazon shopping really count! The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to CLAREMORE PUBLIC SCHOOL FOUNDATION INC if you choose us as your charity! The CPSF mission: is to assist In improving the quality of education in the District Shop via our page and when you buy normally, Amazon will give a little back to the Foundation. All Amazon customers can support their favorite nonprofit organizations each time they shop on 0.5% of each subsequent purchase you make can go directly to the Claremore Public School Foundation Inc. – no further action needed. The program won’t cost you anything except the few minutes it takes to register. This additional perk when doing your shopping through AmazonSmile is a great way to give back effortlessly. Thank you!
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Amazon Smiles - CPSF
Several Claremore Public School Teachers attended #STAFFSUMMERSCHOOL at the Port of Catoosa's Career Highway event. Located at the head of navigation for the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System in Northeast Oklahoma, it is one of the largest, most inland river-ports in the United States. Whether it's agricultural commodities, building materials, petroleum products or machinery, it can be shipped in and out of the Tulsa Port of Catoosa daily using a combination of barge, rail and truck. Seventy companies are located within the 2,000-acre industrial park at the Tulsa Port of Catoosa. "The story of the Port of Catoosa and Former Governor Kerr is a large part of our area's history and it is not well known! The knowledge I gained today is important and needs to be taught! Manufacturing is a large part of our livelihood in the US and skilled laborers are in high demand to work in these jobs!" - Mary Kropp, Roosa Elementary Teacher "I attended a Career Highway event today at the Tulsa Port of Catoosa and found the Oklahoma Agriculture magazine front & center when I walked in! This inland port plays an integral part in the agriculture industry here Oklahoma. While there, we also got to tour TC Transcontinental Packaging company. I had no idea so much detail and legality went into the packaging process. Bone-In products require different packing than standard cuts. Re-heating of products, presentation of goods and environmental impact are also just a few factors that go into packaging meat products. We also discussed the extreme lack of manufacturing workforce in Oklahoma. Many of these companies have the capability to expand but labor is the number one limiting factor. Most employees in this manufacturing sector start at $18+/hour with benefits, yet they still have trouble finding qualified workers. By the way, I didn't see any employees with a cell phone out or earbuds in listening to music either. Show up on time, WORK HARD & pass a drug test!" - Matt Boyer, Agriculture Education Teacher / FFA Advisor There are several ways to pursue post-secondary education: college, military, career-tech, and apprenticeships. Because only 38% of all Oklahoma graduating seniors will earn a Bachelor's Degree, it's essential to consider the "other" options that will provide a necessary skill, not leave you with any debt, and will allow you to make good money and have a good life. #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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Career Highway
CHS StuCo officers attend OASC Basic Leadership Camp this summer. The delegates spend 10-12 hours daily learning and practicing leadership skills in student council groups. These groups simulate the work of delegates’ local councils or groups, where advisors and council members work closely together to achieve goals. Major skill development sessions included: 1. Group Processes - large and small 2. Communications 3. Project Planning 4. Problem Solving 5. Leadership Styles 6. Interpersonal Relations 7. Team Building 8. Self Esteem 9. Goal Setting 10. Fund Raising/School Activities #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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CHS StuCo OASC Basic
The Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority (CIEDA) hosted 20 teachers from across Rogers County for its inaugural teacher experience. The goal of Encounter is to provide a foundation for educators to use in motivating students to develop and maintain career pathways, as well as provide relevance and rigor to STEM education, training, and workforce development. This event provides Rogers County educators an opportunity to experience hands-on industry facility tours, and interact with the leaders that are the dreamers, makers, and doers producing innovative products within global manufacturing. The goal of Encounter is to provide curriculum enhancements for use in developing and supporting training and career pathways. This is also a prime opportunity to link your ICAP plans with local companies. A special thank you to our participating manufacturing partners and schools. Reading Truck Group, MST Manufacturing, Baker Hughes, a GE company, @AXH, Pelco Structural (Taken from the CIEDA Facebook page) "I attended a fascinating one-day event today - Encounter: Dreamers, Makers and Doers. What these companies extend to our community and specifically to our graduates is invaluable; jobs that offer lifelong careers with sustainable wages. Companies you would be proud to work for!! Thank you @CIEDA for this event which was encouraging and eye-opening, the delicious lunch, and the Visa gift card." - Cass Huddleston, CHS Business Education Teacher There are several ways to pursue post-secondary education: college, military, career-tech, and apprenticeships. Because only 38% of all Oklahoma graduating seniors will earn a Bachelor's Degree, it's essential to consider the "other" options that will provide a necessary skill, not leave you with any college debt, and will allow you to make good money and have a good life. #CPSZEBRAPRIDE #STAFFSUMMERSCHOOL
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"No high school in the state does homecoming like Claremore!" We hear that over and over from our alumni and teachers. Elementary tours, Float Building, Spirit Lunches, Door Decorating, Parade on Will Rogers Blvd., All Class Alumni Luncheon, Reunions, and of course Coronation of epic proportions have come to define northeast Oklahoma's greatest homecoming. StuCo is looking to revisit some of the THEMES and TRADITIONS of the past. So, "... as the Zebras come galloping home," we'd love to hear from our alumni as you remember your homecomings at CHS. Comment below the year you graduated and the homecoming theme you remember most. #throwbackthursday #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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CHS Homecoming 1964
Let's welcome Esther Rose McVay to the Zebra Family! Congratulations to Mr. McVay, Asst. Principal at WRJH, on the addition to his family. #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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Welcome Esther to the Zebra family
"Game on peeps! I toured Northeast Tech and I LOVED it!" - Marilyn Lewis stated after spending a couple of days earlier this summer at Northeast Tech's TECHsperience. She has always been a supporter of career tech, but this experience has strengthened her resolve to encourage students to consider this option in high school or after graduation. She attended the Visual Communications, Diesel Mechanics, Culinary Arts, Auto Parts, and the Electricity program where she gained exposure to the new ways her Algebra content directly relates to the workforce. #CPSZEBRAPRIDE #StaffSummerSchool
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Lewis Cooking
Lewis NTC
Lewis NTC Electricity
Lewis NTC Auto Parts
“If you want to win, do the ordinary things better than anyone else does them day in and day out.” —Chuck Noll, Head Coach Pittsburgh Steelers (1969-91) Claremore High School has a program of any male in the 7th - 12th grades. Everyone is welcome - you do not have to be in an athletic program. You can contact or click here …/0B1qcTvGKW4MBdFA1eHhrc3lzaj…/view #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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Zebra Pride
Final Zebra Pride on old turf
Six of our CPS elementary students attended the TOSS (Teachers Of Successful Students) Conference hosted by the @Cherokee Nation. The conference focused on best practices, strategies, and resources for STEM Reading Integration. "Participating in these sessions are sparking a fresh excitement for integrating STEM into my reading class!" - Mary Kropp, Roosa Elementary. "I've always believed our most valuable resources are one another and the incredible professional development provided to us through TOSS just further validates that belief. We spent two powerful days learning what strategies and skills other Oklahoma educators are using in their classrooms to bolster their students' learning. We had the added benefit of staying together in the dorms at night, and had an absolute blast! We played cards, talked, laughed, and toured some old stomping grounds!!" - Vona Cardwell, Roosa Elementary "I was able to take several classes that will add to my classroom curriculum and my after-school Native American Club, but there were so many classes to take! We decided to divide and conquer - each evening, we all discussed and shared our insight and how it could be used to help all of our students. It was so wonderful to be able to collaborate with our fellow Claremore teachers and share our knowledge and experiences from this conference." - Jackie Boyd, Claremont Elementary In addition to STEM teachers were reminded how valuable the professional relationship with students affect learning. "I came away from the TOSS workshop with a neck up checkup when dealing with difficult students. First, make sure you are acting from your education and knowledge, not from your own emotions- keep your emotions in check. Second, evaluate your relationship with that child- make sure you have connected to this child or get someone who does have a relationship with them. Try to allow choices that don't jeopardize your relationship. Be consistent." - Glenda Bacon - Roosa Elementary These teachers enhanced their professional skills and provided the opportunity to make new friends/colleges, and to strengthen their bond with current friends/colleges. This bonding broadens the professional resources for our staff that extends beyond the walls of CPS. CPS teachers that attended were: Lynse Robinson, Mary Kropp, Glenda Bacon, and Vona Cardwell from Roosa Elementary; Jackie Boyd from Claremont Elementary; and Stacye Bacon Bacon from Will Rogers Elementary. #CPSZEBRAPRIDE #STAFFSUMMERSCHOOL
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TOSS Staff Participants
Claremore Public School is NOW HIRING dynamic and passionate teachers to be a part of our teaching teams at Roosa Elementary and Claremont Elementary. Apply at: #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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Now Hiring
CPS TSA is bringing home the TWO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES in the Chapter Team Event. Both the @Claremore High School and the @Will Rogers Jr High teams placed 1st in this event. Congrats to CHS: Blake,Tate, Eva, Molly, Katy, Grace, and Jamil. WRJH: Cameron, Ethan, Adele, Kennedy, Alex, and Adam. #CPSZEBRAPRIDE
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National TSA Chapter Team Championship
WRJH TSA Winners
CHS TSA National Winners
Claremore High School is fortunate to have been awarded the Oklahoma GEAR UP grant to help our students learn about, enroll in, and be successful in college. We believe is important for students to take part in college bridge/orientation programs as they prepare to start college. The process of starting college and a lack of information about the campus and its resources can be huge stumbling blocks to students. These programs help to tear down as many walls as possible for the entering college freshmen and help them make a successful start. The GEAR UP Grant will reimburse the cost of college orientation/bridge programs for students who graduate from Claremore High School and attend any Oklahoma college or university. To find out more information and to register go to their website Registration is open until Sept. 1, 2019.
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GEAR UP College Bridge Program
Three CPS teachers from Roosa Elementary, Vona Cardwell, Michelle Brasher, and Heather Peters, attended the OSU 2019 STEM Teacher Institute, where they learned valuable new strategies in turning "stem" lessons into "STEM" lessons! "Big difference!!" - Vona Cardwell. "The workshops taught the participants how to evaluate activities or lessons labeled STEM critically — creating lessons that are "turned up. You want STEM not, stem." - Heather Peters. A little "s" means that there may be a weak science link or concept; a turned up "S" means the science is connected your grade level science objectives. This evaluation process is applied the same way to the "T-E-M, as well." With the "E" and "M," the goal is to have the students actually discover a solution not arrive at a cookie cutter conclusions. A real STEM lesson would support the coordinating objectives for each grade level. "Utilizing STEM in a classroom is an overwhelming concept, and this conference empowered the teachers to be able to wade through the 'fluff' to find lessons that exemplify what STEM is supposed to bring to the classroom," Peters added. #CPSZEBRAPRIDE #STAFFSUMMERSCHOOL
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